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October 1, 2016

wedding stationary

Wedding Stationery


Wedding stationery can be obtained from a number of sources: mail order, printer, stationers and stationery designers or you can buy online from’s extensive range of wedding stationery.

The range of items and styles is vast and it would be all too easy to get carried away. You may expect to simply choose the invitation style you want, it will be printed and supplied with matching envelopes and you are away. Certainly in some cases this may be so but wait until you see what is on offer:

Invitations – envelope seals – cake boxes – place cards–matchbooks – serviettes – serviette rings – coasters – favour boxes – menu scrolls – menus – guest book – adhesive bottle labels – seed sticks – personalised ribbon – acceptance – order of service sheets – thank you cards – you can even have chocolates with personalised wrappers!

It should also be said that many of these items provide delightful keepsakes and at least some are worth considering. They can also provide a wonderful way of continuing a theme for your wedding.


Invitations are obtainable in virtually any design you choose and specialist companies can even offer you the option of having your invitation personalised. Don’t forget that you will need separate invitations for those being invited to the evening reception only and there is also the option of including response cards together with printed envelopes.

Personalised stationery

Personalised stationery can set the tone of your wedding and can co-ordinate with your table theme and colour. All Confetti personalised stationery is made from the finest quality materials. You can find a range of quality boards, ribbons, foil printed and embossed designs. You can choose from over 85 colours and designs, 8 typefaces, a wide range of colours and links, luxury insert envelopes, boards, materials and designs.

A large variety of stationery ideas are found on the Confetti website and catalogue.

Create your own stationery

You can create your own unique stationery at amazing prices. This enables you to print your own stationery at home and add unique details to your stationery. You can create your own from invitations to menu cards with a variety of creative outers and inserts that can be printed and trimmed at home. There is also a wide range of imprintables, and decorative trims where you can either print or handwrite your own invitations, and add decorative details on them. You can use the print centre on the confetti website to download free Word templates, enabling you to get a professional look at a lower cost.

A large variety of additional stationery ideas are found on the Confetti website and catalogue.

Custom designed stationery

Custom designed stationery is becoming more popular and really add something to the image of the occasion. Commissioning a designer to create your wedding stationery is one way of putting a personal mark on your wedding but remember that it will almost certainly take longer to deliver than pre-printed items.
Taking into account that invitations should be sent out no later than six weeks before the wedding and preferably eight to nine weeks before, a first consultation with the designer should really take place around four or five months before the wedding.

Prices will naturally be higher than for mass produced stationery but by how much will depend on the amount of work involved, the quality of the paper used and the number of items ordered. It is important to fix a deadline for completion and the price at the beginning in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Stationery Checklist

Save the Date: Send these to your guests in advance of your wedding to make sure they keep your special day free.
Invitation: Send these to your guests about 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding to make sure they respnd on time so you can plan accordingly.
Evening invitation: Send these to the guests not attending the ceremony, to invite them to the wedding reception.
Order of service: Give these to your guests at the ceremony to follow the hymns and reading of the ceremony.
Acceptance: Give these to your guests to respond to the invitation of your wedding.
Thank you: Send these to your guests to thank them for your wedding gifts.
Place cards: Place these on the tables at your reception to help guests know where they will be sitting.

Stationery samples

Having a hard time choosing your stationery ? It’s easy when you’ve got all the options in front of you, simply order the samples! Each range can be completed with thank you cards, place names and order of service sheets.