Little Red Wedding Wagon

Little Red Wedding Wagon This gorgeous photo from the talented Taylor Jackson has inspired me to write about Little Red Wagons. The little red wagon is an essential part of an all-American childhood. Most of us had one, most of our parents had one, and most of our children will have them. They are fun – and so versatile! From giving rides to lugging toys from one friend’s yard to the next – they carried us and our “stuff” from one childhood memory to the next.

The little red wagon is also a great addition to your wedding as well. Here are just a few great ways a little red wagon can become part of your perfect wedding:

  • Transport younger children down the aisle – especially children who are to young to walk or still young enough to be to shy to walk down the aisle alone.
  • Add a unique touch to your wedding theme with a decorated wagon (keep reading for ideas on how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding).
  • A unique photo prop for your wedding photos or candid shoots during the reception.
  • A great ring pillow alternative – if your ring bearer isn’t going to actually carry the rings a decorated little red wagon is just so much more fun for him and for your guests especially if you are having a garden or beach wedding.
  • A candy buffet on wheels! Give your candy buffet a unique twist by arranging it in a little red wagon and assigning one of the older children to take the wagon from table to table during the reception.

To cover or not to cover your little red wedding wagon

In many cases, you will want to use the little red wagon in it’s traditonal signature red color. If you are having a vintage style wedding the original wagon will be a perfect fit. The red wagon also looks great in an outdoor wedding or as part of a wedding were red works with the wedding colors.

If you are planning a more formal, indoor wedding or the red clashes with your wedding colors there are a number of different ways you can decorate your little red wagon to suit. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding so the colors do not show:

  • Paint it white – or any color that works well with your wedding theme and colors. If you are feeling really artisitic – you could paint or stencil designs along the sides of the wagon to suit your theme as well.
  • Cover it – use a small table cloth, some tulle or a length of fabric in a color or pattern that matches your wedding theme to drape over the edges of the wagon, creating a soft, elegant cover for your little red wagon.
  • Decorate it – Use decor elements like garlands, tulle, flowers, etc to cover the sides of your wedding.

Fill your little red wagon:

Obviously, if you plan to transport children in the wagon, you won’t want to fill the wagon. But – if you simply want to use the wagon as a unique accent peice here are some great ideas on how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding by filling it with items that will bring out your theme:

  • Oversized Christmas ball ornaments are popular right now and they make a great filler for a Christmas wedding wagon.
  • Boxes wrapped as wedding gifts in a selection of papers that match your wedding colors are a great idea for Christmas wedding or any time of year really.
  • Fresh floral arrangements, silk floral arrangements or potted plants that match your bridal bouquet are  a great filler for a romantic little red wagon.
  • For a fall wedding, fall decor items like leaves, pumpkins, cornicopias and other fall goodies are perfect.
  • If you are planning a dove release as part of your wedding, an elegant bird cage with doves inside can be taken down the aisle in  your little red wagon.

A Few More Ideas

Here are just a few more ideas on how to decorate and use a red wagon for a wedding:

  • Hang a small “Just Married” sign from the back. Consider adding trailing ribbons with cans at the end for a vintage wedding feel.
  • Wrap ribbons around the handle of the wagon and leave a few trailing ends for a whimsical touch.
  • If you are having an outdoor ceremony, a little red wagon can be decorated and displayed at the entrance to the ceremony area with programs, fans, bubbles and other goodies for the guests as they arrive.
  • Large silk blooms attached to the center of each wheel makes a bold, beautiful statement for a garden or floral themed wedding.
  • As your seamstress to help “dress” your wagon to match your gown, the bridesmaids gowns or the flower girl. Wearing a wedding gown with soft ruffled layers? Your seamstress could make a matching “skirt” of ruffles for your wagon that will look amazing.
  • Clothespins can be decorated with flowers or other decor items along and attached to the wagon.
  • Use your little red wagon to collect gifts and/or cards from guests as they arrive.

And of course, like any unique decor feature you incorporate into your wedding, make sure you get photos!

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