Unique Bridal Shoe Ideas

Unique Bridal Shoe Ideas Whether your big day is just around the corner, or you’re in planning months or even years in advance, a major detail that’s often overlooked in the planning process is choosing a perfect bridal shoe that makes a statement with your gown. Why do these get overlooked? Because bridal gowns are so long that any brides figure they don’t need to worry about their shoes because they will never be seen.

But with bridal fashion trends kicking into high gear as of late, bridal shoes have become a major topic of interest. You don’t just want any old pair of shoes on your feet as you make that most important walk of your life down the aisle on your wedding day – you want to make a fashion statement, and here are some ideas how.

Neon Colors

So you have this gorgeous white gown, and your bridesmaids dresses are all in colors that match the whole theme of your wedding, so add a pop of color on your feet and opt for neons.

The slightly intimidating portion of the color wheel, neon colors will add a splash of excitement to any wedding theme, and your shoes won’t be seen too much throughout the night, so they won’t take attention away from your gown or your bridesmaids’. But you’ll feel like a million bucks wearing them!

High heels are the best choice for neon shoes. Say your theme color is pale yellow – choose a bright, neon blue that’s brighter than the ocean. Or maybe your colors are red and white around wintertime – go for a neon green or yellow shoe, something to contrast the other colors in your theme.

Every time your dress swishes past your feet, guests will catch just the slightest glimpse of color popping out from your feet – plus you can take some killer creative photos showing off your awesome neon high heels against your white dress!

A Pair of Chucks

A classic pair of Converse All-Star sneakers can actually go a surprisingly long way on your wedding day. If you’re a fun, adventurous type of girl that’s into sports and playing with the boys, a pair of Converse sneaks might just be the perfect idea for you on your big day!

You can totally girl them up, too – find a pair that’s covered in sequins that will shimmer in the light when your dress moves. The best part is that they’re relatively easy to find, and pretty inexpensive, too.

They’re kind of funny as a wedding shoe idea, but definitely unique and different, and if you have the personality for them, go for it!

Cowboy Boots

Born and raised a true southern girl, and want to show it off to everyone at your wedding? Rock a pair of cowboy boots under your wedding dress!

Opt for a nice pair of leather boots with a simple design – something that will add a touch of personality to your gown while still keeping the wedding theme classy. Get cowboy boots for your bridesmaids, too, and have them wear semi-formal length dresses to show them off. Get a different pair and different style for each bridesmaid to keep it mixed up and fresh, not totally uniform.

You don’t want to go too over the top with the cowboy and cowgirl theme, though, because do keep in mind that it’s your big day and something you’ll have pictures of for the rest of your life – so you do want to make sure the boots are classy and not too out of the ordinary for the theme of your wedding.

The guys can even add a touch of southwestern class to their looks, too, by wearing leather dress shoes or even cowboy boots themselves!

Flip Flops

We’ve seen ballet flats in weddings over the years, but let’s face it, if you’re taller than your man to begin with, or you just want something super comfy for your wedding day, it might be worth it to give a pair of flip flops a try.

They don’t have to be the $5 pairs you can buy from Old Navy (although, if you’re on a super strict wedding budget and they won’t be seen much anyway, why not?), but they can be something feminine and pretty, maybe even a little bit blingy.

Try looking for things that have little rhinestone decorations around the sandal part itself, or something colorful and classy that goes with your theme (or even go the neon route!). Your husband-to-be and his bridal party can rock some flops, too, if they’d like. Everyone will be comfortable all day in a pair of flip flops, and they’re almost the best thing for a beach wedding! The best, best option, though, for a beach wedding is…


Who wants to mess with sand or dirt getting in their high heels or dress shoes at a beachfront wedding?

Go barefoot to walk down the aisle, or consider adorning your feet with some simple beaded design that attaches around your ankle and around your middle toe that doesn’t have a sole. This will add some personality and fanciness to your bare feet without the added hassle of heels in the sand.

As for your groom – he can go barefoot, too, but advise he and his bridal party to go for some pedicures before the big day, seriously. You don’t want gross man feet all over the place at your wedding, so make sure they’re all well-groomed.

You can even make a note on invitations to your guests to plan on going barefoot at your wedding, that way they can all plan accordingly and they, too, won’t have to deal with high heels or dress shoes in the sand.

Vintage Styles

Maybe you’re somewhat of a retro girl, or you love hand-me-downs and recycling old clothing and accessories, or you’re caught in the 1920′s for whatever reason with your fashion choices. Whatever your reason is, a pair of vintage wedding shoes might be perfect for you.

You can find all kinds of 1920′s and 1930′s fashions in shoes – with intricate lace designs that look Victorian and detailed patterns and colors from old times. Or, if you prefer the ’70′s, go for that sort of retro look with bright colors and patterns and gaudy materials.

If it matches your personality, it will be a perfect choice for you for your wedding day!


Bring back the ’70′s with some tie-dyed bridal shoes! Tie-dye is totally in right now – so why not add it to your shoes on your wedding day?

You can buy tie-dyed designer shoes in most upscale shoe stores. or better yet, make your own. Buy a dyeable pair of shoes and go to town with different colors. You can have a whole tie-dying party with all of your bridesmaids, too, so everyone will have different, uniquely made shoes.

The splash of color will be a super exciting addition to your dress, too, and you’ll probably have a blast taking pictures in which you show off your creations!


Ashley Dean is a freelance writer for several publications. She encourages every bride to be creative and personal with their footwear choice on their wedding day (as long as you’re not wearing a pair of Chippewa boots or something!) because your shoe choice can say a lot about who you are!


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