Unique Wedding Food Ideas

If you’re busy planning your wedding, you likely have a lot on your plate. But with all the preparations you are doing, have you decided what will be on your guests’ plates at your reception? You might not know quite what to choose, not liking what you have seen in the past. You’ve probably seen a lot of mints, nut cups, and various types of cake. But is that your style? It doesn’t have to be.

Nowadays, your options for refreshments are practically endless. Gone are the days when only a few select wedding options were available. You can pick food that is not only delicious, but food that also creates the right atmosphere for your celebration as well. Here are just a few unique wedding food ideas that might help you in your decision for the big day.

Candy “Bar”

Why not have a candy “bar”? The fantastic thing about this option is the fact that it is simple (and we could all use a bit more simplicity when it comes to wedding planning, right?) You simply need to get some bowls, or perhaps containers of various sizes and colors, and different types of candy. Candy bars are also pretty cheap in comparison to other types of refreshments, which is an added bonus. Another advantage to having a candy bar is the fact that guests can get a few treats and head on their way. It is also a pretty “mess-free” treat. You can pick candies that you particularly enjoy. Just make sure they’re all wrapped. You might choose smarties, suckers, mini candy bars, or anything else that strikes your fancy. All in all, it’s not a bad way to go for an inexpensive, quick, clean refreshment. And it really adds to the “fun” factor, if you’re hoping for an informal party.

Ice Cream Buffet

This is another great option if you are looking for a fun environment that is not too formal. You can either have someone scooping the ice cream into cones for the guests, or you can have the ice cream set out and have the guests do it themselves (maybe provide gloves to avoid a mess.) The nice thing about an ice cream buffet is that the guests can pick from a variety of flavors. You can also provide toppings if you want. And like the candy bar, it’s a quick treat that most everyone seems to enjoy.


Some couples would rather have more substantial food than a simple treat. Yet they don’t want to provide a full-out meal. For this reason, they choose mini-foods. This can range anywhere from mini hamburgers to mini grilled cheese sandwiches and cup-size tomato soup. It’s still a quick refreshment, but it’s a bit more filling.

Culturally-Themed Foods

Perhaps you or your spouse has a tie to a particular culture. Why not make your wedding food reflect that tie? You may have pork and fruit as part of a Polynesian-themed food spread or baguettes and pastries as part of a French-theme. This food choice really helps the guests learn a little more about you and your background, so it’s even more of a celebration of who you are on your special day.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Olivia Picton is a freelance writer for Storymix Media.. She has 3 little boys and loves coming up with new things that make her life easier.

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