10 Wedding Themes To Choose From

Choosing a wedding theme is an important decision. Do you know why? Well yes, everybody knows that a wedding is the most important occasion in one’s life and so on, but the reason it is mentioned here is because choosing a theme can make decoration work easier. Everything, right from the clothes to the photographs, will be depending upon the theme. Therefore, selecting a good theme will ensure that you prepare your wedding accordingly and will make preparations simpler.

So let’s have a look at some of the themes you could choose for your wedding and make it a grand one.

Colour Theme

10 Wedding Themes To Choose From

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The white theme is a popular one in this category. As the name suggests, everything needs to follow a particular colour, right from clothes to flowers to table cloths and so on. Basically, everything has to be white! Purity is what this theme portrays, and several couples opt for this kind of wedding theme. Similar to the white, is the black theme. Everything stays the same except for the colour. Both these themes are very popular and used for a large number of weddings.

Formal Theme

The formal theme can be considered to be the safest bet among all the others. It gives the atmosphere a timeless look and is good for couples who don’t want to experiment, but adds beauty to an auspicious occasion.

Traditional Theme

10 Wedding Themes To Choose From

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Some people mix up traditional and formal, but there is actually a lot of difference between them. Traditional themes are more about going back to the roots of an individual’s culture. Customs, traditions, music and dresses of a particular place are followed and it gives the entire atmosphere a different feel. This kind of theme is great for couples who want to go back to the roots of their religion.

Hollywood Theme

10 Wedding Themes To Choose From

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This theme is opted by all those movie buffs out there. People can dress up like Hollywood actors and the bride and groom can become a famous couple like Jack and Rose or Romeo and Juliet. Using Hollywood decoration can spice up the wedding and make it a memorable one.

Beach Theme

10 Wedding Themes To Choose From

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Although this theme is very popular, it is still considered to be a favourite among wedding couples. For all those who love the sun, sand and sea, this is THE wedding theme for them. Beach themes can vary from nautical, Hawaiian or tropical.

Garden Theme

10 Wedding Themes To Choose From

One of the calmest and coolest themes for any wedding could be the garden theme. People who like nature and freshness can opt for this one. The entire wedding area can be decorated with flowers and greenery. If possible, try sticking some flowers on your wedding dress as well.

Musical Theme

10 Wedding Themes To Choose From

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A musical theme is not as common as the others, but definitely a one to watch out for. Having catchy dance numbers for dancing or having a song for the maid of honour and best man could be some great options to include. Use your imagination and your wedding will totally rock it!

Fairytale Theme

All fantasy lovers out there, this one’s for you! Having delicate flowers, sheer fabrics and fairy wings could make up for one of the best weddings anyone would witness. You can also ask the kids in the family to dress up like fairy tale characters and this could enhance your wedding even more.

Seasonal Theme

A common option for many weddings, the seasonal theme is a safe and a good way to make sure your wedding goes just like you always imagined. Different seasons have different requirements for the dresses, decorations and other things. For example, a summer theme would include wearing a cool summer dress with a flower print, and decoration would have flowers. The colours used for a summer wedding would be cool light colours like blue, white, yellow and so on.

Mythological Theme

Mythology has existed for ages and many couples are fond of this kind of theme for their wedding. You could depict several mythological stories through your wedding and make it a unique one. For example, dressing up like Odin, Thor or Heimdall could depict the Norse Mythology. You could also dress up as one of those characters. Similarly, you can pick up other stories and set the theme for your wedding. Also, keep in mind to have the food and music in accordance with the theme.

So this was about various themes you could choose for your wedding.

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