What To Wear At Your South Asian Wedding

South Asian weddings are beautiful events with lots of colourful sarees and clothing. They usually have from 100 up to 10,000 guests. They are a celebration, not only of the marriage between the man and wife, but also the coming together of both their families. The families are an important part of the day, which means traditionally they should be in keeping with the fashion style of the bride and groom. Whether your fashion etiquette is kept classic and traditional, or you have taken on more of a modern twist, the wedding is still a special and unforgettable day shared between all the family.

The Bride

What To Wear At Your South Asian Wedding

What To Wear At Your South Asian Wedding

At an Asian wedding, the bride will traditionally wear a saree wrapped across the body. However, more modernly a bride might wear a saree styled dress, which is a beautifully made dress with diamanté and beads, and this could be worn with a piece of silk or cotton material, like a saree, but draped over the shoulder rather than around the body. Sarees or Asian dresses are usually brightly coloured and decorated with jewels, sequins, beads and diamanté. The colours are very bold and bright, and come in a large variety, such as electric pink and dark maroon, to static orange or navy. You can get them in a large array of colours, which means you have plenty of choice and are able to make your wedding gown as personal as possible.

There are also lots of accessories a bride can wear, such as gold or silver bangles, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, and mangalsutras. These can make stunning additions to a saree and give it that finishing touch. There are lots of ways a bride can make her bridal gown her own, meaning it is completely unique and special to her.

The Groom

What To Wear At Your South Asian Wedding

The groom also has to dress accordingly to the theme of the day, which means colour coordination is important. The bride and groom shouldn’t clash with the colours they wear, meaning there should be a clear theme, and this will usually run throughout the wedding in the form of decoration. If the groom is going for a traditional sherwani, these are usually associated with gold and diamante detailing, and include a pintex kurta and a fitted churidar. The colours of a traditional sherwani are usually gold, red and white, but this can vary. More modern sherwanis can come in bold colours, such as a full purple, or could be fully white, and these could be beaded instead of having diamantes. A modern way of wearing the traditional sherwani is tucking the cravat into the inside of the v-neck, showing off some of the detailed motif. A groom could also wear a Angrakha, which is traditionally a long sleeved tunic with a v-neck and a front that ties at the side.

Friends And Family

What To Wear At Your South Asian Wedding

The bride and groom’s parents will usually wear a traditional saree and sherwani, and these will be in keeping with the colour scheme. If the bride and groom have gone for a modern styled wedding, the wedding party may want to wear a more modern styled outfit as well. The entire wedding party are usually colour coordinated and might have similar motif, which ensures that everyone is looking smart and have all come together and are all a part of the wedding family.

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